Here Are 15 Signs Your Man Might Be Cheating

Here Are 15 Signs Your Man Might Be Cheating

Deciding if your man is cheating is usually a tight spot to be in. Sometimes it might just be a phase he is going to. That’s the reason why communication is essential in every relationship.

Sadly, even communication still can’t keep every man from cheating. And that’s why we have this 15 telltale sign of letting you know if he is cheating.

If you notice a single sign that doesn’t mean he is cheating, but when you see several other signs, then this is a much preferable Indicator that he might be cheating.



  1. Unwillingness To Hear About Your Worries

Well, it’s normal for a man to have his worries. But if he always isn’t interested in listening to your worries or thinking about solutions, then his affection for you has reduced or is already out of the window.


  1. He Avoids Intimacy

If he is unwilling to kiss or cuddle or hold hands with you, then something is wrong.

Talk to him about your intimacy and how it’s almost non-existent. If he shrugs it off or he is always finding excuses, then he no longer finds you appealing.


  1. He Doesn’t Pick Your Calls

The moment you called, he might be with his new lover. Worst still, he might find you annoying and might be trying every possible way to avoid you, since he already found someone more fun to be with.


  1. He Has Several Dating Apps On His Phone

He chased and got you. Now that you’re officially in a relationship, it’s time to stop the dating game. But if you happen to come across dating apps on his phone, and he’s very much active on them. Then his dating game isn’t over yet.


  1. His Phone Is A No Go Area

He might have been protective of his phone when you were still getting to know each other. But the moment you’re officially dating, your relationship and activities will collide and usually become one of unison. Going through his phone shouldn’t be a problem anymore. But if he persists that he doesn’t want you with his phone then here is something that can help you ascertain if he is cheating or not,

Click on it to read about this method. Since texting is the new cool, a pool of information will be in your hands if he is cheating.


  1. He Is Always Complaining

Those habits of yours he never complained about are now something he emphasizes on every time. Especially when he is looking for how to get away from you, this is usually what he will resort to.

If he cares, he will be concerned about helping you change and not complaining.


  1. Love Gestures Reduce

Gestures of this kind are made to people we love. Even if you’ve together for years if he still finds you extraordinary, his gestures towards you won’t stop. But once it stops, the new lover is already receiving those love gestures.


  1. His Friends Are No Longer Accommodating

A man’s friends are always in the know of his sexcapades. If he has gotten a new catch, then it’s her they will show their care and niceness.


  1. He No longer Cares About Having Sex

Men have a high sexual appetite. So it’s alright if you’re worried that he isn’t willing to engage in sexual activities with you. He is probably getting laid with another lady. Talk to him about this, because there is a possibility he might have erectile dysfunction.


  1. He Spends Less Time With You

When you’re in love, your significant other is like oxygen to you. You feel safe and happy when with them. And this applies to both males and females. So if your man isn’t willing to spend time with you, then a red flag is being raised.


  1. He Parties Frequently

Those nights he spends partying, it could be channeled into hanging out with you, or just spending time together and having an in-depth conversation with each other.

While this isn’t always a valid indicator that he is cheating, it’s still something to consider. Aside from the fact that partying is done to have a good time. It’s also a well know fact that mingling takes place, and most time leads to sex.


  1. He Forgets Things Dear To You

He doesn’t recall those deep conversations you had, special moments you shared, or upcoming events that are very significant to you, and so on. While this is not a dominant attribute of a cheating partner but it adds up.


  1. He Isn’t Supportive

Since you’re no longer dear to him, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he isn’t supportive. His energy and time are now used on someone else. And since the person is still dear to him, then his support will be channeled towards her as well.


  1. He Doesn’t Want To Hang Out With You

If he is caught hanging out with you and acting cozy, it could lead to the destruction of his new relationship.


  1. He Always Blames You For Everything

This is usually a sign that he wants out of the relationship. You are now a bore to him, and he sees no future with you. Your relationship isn’t redeemable. The person hanging on will be hurt the most.


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